Principal Investigator

Qiuming Yu

Qiuming Yu received her B.S. and M.S. in Chemistry from Nanjing University, China in 1985 and 1989, respectively, and her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University in 1995. She was a postdoctoral fellow in the Micro-devices Laboratory at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, from 1995-1996. After spending three years as a research assistant professor in Chemical Engineering at Kansas State University, she moved to the University of Washington and was a full professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering. She joined the Robert Frederick Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Cornell University in July 2020 as a professor.


Postdoctoral Associates & Visiting Scholars

Hao Li

Research Interests:
I have a special interest in solving stability and toxicity problems of perovskite solar cells and photodetectors to elucidate the fundamental phenomena in photonics.

Ph.D. Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 2019
B.S. Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 2014

Yuanze Xu

Research Interests:
I am interested in studying perovskite materials, photodetectors, and solar cells.

M.S. Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Cornell University, 2020
B.S. Chemistry, Nanjing Tech University, 2018

Shripathi Ramakrishnan

Research Interests:
My interests includes optoelectronic properties, structure-property and photovoltaic applications of hybrid perovskites, and organic semiconductors.

M.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Washington, 2020
B.S. Chemical Engineering, R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore, India, 2017


Graduate Students

Yvonne Yee

Research Interests:
I am interested in biosensing.

B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of California, San Diego, 2019


Undergraduate Students


Graduate Students

Erjin Zheng – PhD June 2020 (Maxim Integrated, San Jose, CA)

Gabriella Tosado – PhD June 2020 

Zizhao Xu – MS June 2020 (Beijing, China)

Yaqoub Albrikan – MS June 2020 (Kuwait)

Zonglun Li – MS June 2020 (Beijing, China)

Monica R. Esopi – PhD August 2019 (GlobalFoundries, Malta, NY)

Emerson (Shin-Ya) Chen – MS 2019 (PhD University of Washington)

Hao Dong – MS June 2019 (PhD Lehigh University)

Zhiyin Niu – MS June 2019 (PhD University of Houston)

Suyash Bhagwat – MS March 2019 (Intel, Chandler, AZ)

Daniel D. Galvan – PhD August 2018 (Greater Rocky Mountain Stone, Belgrade, MT)

Yi-Yu Lin – MS June 2018 (Maxim Integrated, Beaverton, OR)

Xiaoyu Zhang – MS June 2018 (NanoPhotonica Inc., Gainesville, FL)

Vidit Parekh -MS December 2017 (Intel, Portland, OR)

Mohammed M Aldighaithir – MS December 2016 

Julie E Blanchfield – MS June 2016 (US Coast Guard)

Fang Sun – PhD November 2016 (Dental School, University of Washington, Seattle, WA) 

Leize Zhu – PhD October 2015 (Cambrios Advanced Materials Corp. Sunnyvale, CA)

Beau Richardson – PhD August 2015 (Intel, Portland, OR)

Yu-han Hou -MS August 2015 (Shanghai, China)

Kevin Fu – MS August 2015

Yao Xu – MS June 2015 (ChemE Design Institute in Wuhan, China)

Xinpei Li – MS June 2015 (Kroger, Seattle, WA)

Yina An – MS June 2013 (ChemE Design Institute in Chengdu, China)

Xuezhen Wang – MS June 2013 (PhD, University of Waterloo)

John Bae – MS March 2012 (Los Alamos National Lab)

Postdoctoral Researchers and Visiting Scholars

Kaiqiang Wang – Visiting PhD student (South China University of Technology) 2019-2020

Ping Wu – Visiting scholar (Nanjing Normal University) 2016-2017

Beau Richardson – Postdoc 2015-2016

Beiying Zhou – Visiting PhD student (Donghua University) 2015-2016

Chao Hou – Visiting PhD student (University of Science and Technology of China) 2015-2016

Yongheng Zhu – Visiting PhD student (Shanghai University) 2012-2013

Yan Deng – Visiting scholar (Tsinghua University) 2012-2013

Daqian Wang – Visiting PhD student (Tsinghua University) 2011-2012

Jiajie Xu – Visiting PhD student (East China University of Science and Technology) 2009-2011

Undergraduate Students

Carmen Atkins 6/19-8/19 Summer REU from Pierce College, Lakewood, WA

Yue Zhao 9/19-3/20

Zijun Liu 9/19-12/19

Abdulaziz Almulaifi 9/19-12/19

Shukun Zhong 6/18- 6/20 (PhD Notre Dame University)

Wenxin Cao 6/18-6/20 (PhD Tokyo University)

Aayush Mitra 1/18-6/18 (Micron Technology, Boise, ID)

Aidan Jackson 9/17-12/18 (MS UC Berkeley)

Chen Cai 9/17-6/18 (PhD Virginia Tech)

E-Lin Liu 3/17-6/18 (Intel, Chandler, AZ)

Henry Armas-Amaya 1/18-9/18 from North Seattle Community College

Dat Nguyen 9/16-12/17

Kevin Garcia 6/19-8/19 Summer CEI-ALVA program

Brian Yuh 6/14-9/16 (PhD University of Minnesota)

Max Calcagno 9/15-9/16

Haoyang Li 6/15-12/15

Graham Henry 6/15-9/15

Hannah Morgan 9/14-4/15

Jason Smith 9/14-4/15

Erika Green 9/14-4/15

Yajie Zhu 6/14-4/15

Yongmin Jo 4/14-12/14

Mohammed Aldighaithir 1/15-6/15

Nan Zhou 6/14-6/15

Abdulrahman Mohammed Almutairi 4/14-6/15

Ahmed Alamer 4/14-6/15

Stephan Schoen 6/14-9/14 from Lake Side High School (Cornell University)

Viet Vu 6/13-9/13

Cameron Gilman 6/13-9/13

Tianxing Wang 6/13-9/13

Van Quch 4/12-9/12

Steve Bonilla 6/10-6/12 (PhD Stanford University)

Matthew Idso 6/10-6/12 (PhD UC Santa Barbara)

Margaret Elizabeth Liu 9/11-6/12

Darby McShain 9/11-6/12

Laurel Rognstad 6/11-8/11 NSF NNIN REU from Tennessee Tech U

Sarah Bonebright 6/11-8/11 UW CoE SRC REU

Stephanie Hare 6/11-8/11 UW CoE SRC REU

Roger Jordan 6/11-8/11 NSF NNIN REU from Texas A&M

Tinnock Lam 9/09-6/10

Jessica Tanumihardja 9/09-6/10