New publication – Dr. Hao Li

Hao’s paper, “Pseudo-Halide Anion Engineering for Efficient Quasi-2D Ruddlesden−Popper Tin Perovskite Solar Cells”, has been accepted for publication in Cell Reports Physical Science. Congratulations to Hao and all co-authors!

New publication – Yuanze Xu

Yuanze’s paper, “Ion-Assisted Ligand Exchange for Efficient and Stable Inverted FAPbI3 Quantum Dot Solar Cells”, has been accepted for publication in ACS Applied Energy Materials. Congratulations to Yuanze and all co-authors!

Farewell, Markéta!

Markéta has finished her postdoc and returned to the Institute of Photonics and Electronics of the Czech Academy of Sciences as Depute Head of the Optical Biosensor team.

Award – Jesus Lopez Baltazar

Jesus receives the 2022 Exemplary Service – Early Career Student Award from 2022 Graduate Diversity and Inclusion Award and the Graduate Student Excellence in Leadership Award from Diversity Programs in Engineering (DPE). Congratulations to Jesus!